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Back Injuries

Since Skechers Shape-ups have hit the market, more and more consumers are reporting an increase in back pain as a result of wearing toning shoes. Skechers Shape-ups are equipped with a unique rounded sole with over an inch of cushion called a “rocker bottom sole” designed to keep the wearer off balance, and force different muscles to work overtime in order to keep from falling. The overtly rounded sole, in addition to the squishy heel that offers little stability, and by preventing the body from properly balancing these shoes alters the wearer’s posture. For some, this can result in severe back pain.

Skechers Shape-ups Back Pain

There are a number of different causes for Skechers Shape-ups related back pain. One possible cause is the pressure the rocker bottom sole of toning shoes puts on the back. A study conducted by the American Council of Exercise found that toning shoes like Skechers Shape-ups force the body to walk unnaturally in order to maintain balance, and even raised concerns that the “extended use of these toning shoes may alter the walking gait mechanics of wearers.” To keep from falling, the body adopts to Skechers Shape-ups by taking an awkward posture that puts undue pressure on the lower back. Depending on the alignment of people’s spine, the strain and pressure can potentially escalate into debilitating back pain.

Another possible cause of back pain is a herniated disc. Normally, a soft sponge-like substance is cushioned between every vertebra. But in the case of a herniated disk, also known as a slipped or ruptured disk, this disk of cushioning is damaged and no longer functions as the shock absorber between spinal bones. A herniated disk can cause more than back pain. Pain in the legs or rear, pain experienced when trying to stand up, burning or tingling sensations in the legs, or weakness in the legs can also be attributed to a herniated disk. For some people the effects of a herniated disk may be severe and disabling.

Seek Medical Attention

There are a number of different causes for back pain, so medical attention is essential, as a proper diagnosis is fundamental to your recovery. If your alignment has become distressed from wearing toning shoes, a general doctor may refer you to a chiropractor to realign the spine and relieve pressure. A herniated disk can generally be resolved with rest, anti-inflammatory medication, and pain medication. However, surgery may be required in very severe cases with permanent nerve damage or extreme weakness and numbness. If you are experiencing back pain from wearing Skechers Shape-ups, it is important to seek medical attention for proper diagnosis and treatment, but also for an official record of your experiences.

Know Your Rights

It is within your rights to seek legal advice from a professional product liability attorney. If you have suffered extreme pain, lost wages, or emotional distress, you may be entitled to seek compensation for these damages. The back is a very delicate part of the body; permanent nerve damage can effectively change the course of one’s life. Skechers did not perform adequate testing on the safety of their toning shoes before releasing it to the market. Because of their negligence, dozens of people are reporting severe injuries and permanent damage to their knees, hips, ankles, and back.

Skechers Shape-ups Product Liability Lawyers

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