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Skechers Shape-ups Injuries – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I was injured wearing Skechers Shape-ups. Is Skechers liable for my injuries?

A. Possibly.  If your injuries resulting from wearing the shoes, you may be able to recover compensation from Skechers and other parties. However, if you fell because you were not paying attention to where you were walking, or if something else tripped you and caused you to fall, you will not have a case.

Q. Who is responsible for my injuries?

A. Manufacturers and others in the “chain of distribution” including resellers, wholesalers, and distributors may be financially liable for injuries caused by defective products. Determining who is responsible and identifying all of the liable parties can be challenging. An experienced and resourceful product liability attorney is essential to maximizing your claim.

Q. What will the manufacturer argue against my claim?

A. In product liability claims, defendants (manufacturers) often argue that injured consumers were not using the product properly as intended. Manufacturers will present evidence of thousands or millions of people that use the product and do not suffer injury. In any dangerous product claim, it is important to hire an experienced lawyer who can demonstrate (1) how the product caused your injury and (2) the extent of the damages you sustained.

Q. If I want to pursue a case against Skechers, what do I need to provide my lawyer?


  • The shoes themselves (if you still have them)
  • Purchase receipt / information about where you purchased shoes
  • Packaging and any other materials that came with the shoes
  • Pictures of the product and the location of where you sustained your injury, if applicable
  • Medical records documenting your injuries
  • Documentation of time away from work
  • Witness statements (if available)
  • Journal documenting your injuries and related pain, and physical, emotional and financial effects of your injuries on your life. Include time you spent away from work, effects of the injuries on your family, appointments as a result of your injuries and related travel costs.

Q. Is there a time limit to file a claim?

A. Yes. You have a specified amount of time, known as a “statute of limitations,” in which you can bring a claim. This time period begins on the date of the injury, or in certain cases, when you “discover” the injury, or when your injury is diagnosed. After you suffer an injury from a defective product, time is of the essence to protect your rights. Do not delay in contacting a lawyer.

Q. I have been diagnosed with a trimalleolar fracture – what is a trimalleolar fracture?

A. One injury that may occur from falling while wearing toning shoes is a broken ankle. A trimalleolar fracture is a fracture of the ankle that involves three bones: the lateral malleolus, the medial malleolus, and part of the tibia. Surgical repair is required to treat a trimalleolar fracture, and while the bone heals, the ankle cannot bear any weight. Trimalleolar fractures are also sometimes called cotton fractures.

Q. Does it cost a lot of money to pursue compensation?

A. At Estey Bomberger, product liability claims for Skechers Shape-ups are handled on a contingency fee basis. We do not charge any up-front fees or costs. Our attorneys are only paid if they successfully recover money for you.

Have more questions? If you have been injured by Skechers Shape-ups toning shoes and would like to know more about your legal rights to recover compensation, contact Estey Bomberger to schedule a free consultation with a toning shoe injury lawyer.